As Vaandom is not a “fashion house”,  we will only have two seasons. I don’t believe in many pieces, only quality features. We will only make one-off bespoke pieces. So, once they’re sold out, they’re gone!

Stephanie Marshall – Founder


Some of the latest additions to our catalogue


Black and white close up of Stephanie Marshall, Vaandom's founder & CEO, pulling her hair on a grey background.

I started this clothing brand in 2014. Initially it was a dream, but years later, out of sheer desperation, I said “Enough!”. I got tired of looking at and buying clothes that did not represent me as a person or what I had believed in as a consumer. Even the clothes I liked did not match my style; the lack of representation, not seeing anyone resemble me (and yes, there were slightly thicker models and different ethnicities but I still did not see me at my heaviest in some nice threads). Good clothing, made from good fabric that accentuated my best bits and hid the rest.

I then set out to start a clothing brand, not a fashion house, line or trend, just a clothing brand that really viewed the world as I saw it. I loved my brothers’ clothes, the “eternal tomboy” they called me.  I even dared to nick my father’s Levi’s at one point. I never understood why I could not wear their clothes and vice versa. It was important to me that my brand breaks that stereotype. I want everyone to have access to my clothes. As our society changes so must our everyday staples, so my clothes will be gender fluid. Free to be worn by all sizes, especially the curvier person, as well as all ethnicities, ages, males, females and our LGTBQIA+ community.

Although relatively young, we have gotten some positive feedback from the people on the street. Positive feedback such as “comfortable and stylish“ warms my heart.


Our clothes are made by people for people. We are a young brand striving to be ethically aware and sustainable. The majority of the fabric used on this collection was sourced in Cape Town, South Africa. Since I was born there, I have always felt it’s important that Vaandom gives back to its “motherland” in one form or another. The garments were also produced in Cape Town, in a female owned factory that places a huge importance on employing women from the community, offering incentives as well as training them up into different supervisory roles. Currently, production has been moved to London as we want to be aware of our global footprint and be present for quality control, but we will continue to source fabrics from Cape Town.

We will only have two seasons as I don’t believe that one needs many pieces, but only quality features. We will only make one-off bespoke pieces as we try to cut down on mass production. So, once it’s sold out, it’s gone!. We will strive to be transparent and produce quality. With our continuous efforts towards ethical but fashionable clothes for people in our changing society.

Thank you for joining us on this journey!.